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Nutrient-dense, Nil Residue Food

International consultants in biological and organic agriculture.

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Biological and organic farming consulting services for farmers and land managers in Australia, South East Asia, China, India and the Philippines. 

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About Us

Working in Biological & Organic Agriculture Since 1995.

Grow Safe Food is an International agricultural consultancy business dedicated to inspiring and supporting farmers committed to regenerative agriculture and quality food production.

We help heroic farming families who work tirelessly to feed us despite serious natural setbacks and increasing market pressures.
The benefits flow directly to large urban populations, whom require a constant supply of safe, delicious and nutritious food.

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"Footsteps in the Field"

5 Steps to Nutrient-Dense,
Nil Residue Food.

The 5 Steps Program to Nutrient-Dense and Pesticide-Free food production will become your blueprint for regenerating soils, building soil carbon, improving water-use efficiency and growing any crop without using toxic pesticides or excessive fertilisers.


Build superior plant health & resilience and "throw away the spray".

Fresh & Healthy

Improved food nutrition, flavour, colour, taste and shelf-life.


Capture atmospheric carbon naturally and regenerate degraded soils.

Some of Our Amazing Clients

What Our Clients Say

"Heading for a huge harvest"
“Thank you, Steve. The farm is looking excellent. Your inputs are truly incredible. The pepper foliar is amazing…drift of which has helped the coffee as well. Soil applications are working superbly – coffee crop is awesome, looking top class. Heading for a huge harvest. Biological product taking care of berry borer. Pepper is looking incredible as well. Very happy".
Nishant Gurger
Sethuraman Estate, Karnataka, India 2017
Soil Balancing Magic
“Soil balancing and litter digestion, 2 rounds, have flocculated the soil - unimaginable loosening of soil for easy root movements and plenty of roots. This was never quite possible earlier. Congrats to Steve and his magic”. "We had a lot of benefits especially in targeting resources to things we have neglected"
Sankar Baskar
Thanodi Estate,
Karnataka, India 2017
"Sultan of Soil"
In the short while our group has interacted with you, you have perfectly directed the wizardry in all our plantations. Our soils and our plants are indeed breathing a sigh of relief that finally the management is working in sync with the soils and the microbes and the fungi !!
Mohan Alvarez
Jeelan Estate,
Karnataka, India 2016
Chemical-Free Cardamon
"We had a fantastic visit of Steve to our place, it was one of the most productive days in my 22 year experience in plantations. Mind blowing information was shared by him. We are planning to work with him to make our farm more sustainable and also reduce pesticides in our cardamom plantation".
Prahbakar Baskar
Pambarampara Estate, Kerala, India 2017-19

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